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Who We Are
What does this mean for me, why should I care?
What we believe
EmpowerMEN Decree
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Who we are

Our mission is our name… it’s not just who we are, but what we do; Engage, Equip, and Empower Men!

We are YOU. Each of us make up the EmpowerMEN Network.

We are building and succeeding together.

What does this mean for me, why should I care?

Far too many boys become men without direction or positive guidance. Frankly, some don’t even know that there are options to improve their life, nevermind how to do it. Likewise, there are so many men struggling silently, while putting on the “I got this” persona. We often fight the same battles as our friends and neighbors but do it alone. Not anymore! Today we build and succeed together.

One of two things are true (if not both):

    • You are a man
  • You know a man

In both cases, there is great benefit in connecting with us and sharing. No one person has all the answers, but if everybody is sharing their mistakes, failures, and successes – we can get really close.

What we believe

Males are Born… Men are Built – Men are a critical part of society’s infrastructure and success. It is the responsibility of men to maintain and guide the evolution of our culture and communities. We believe that if men are informed, encouraged, and empowered they will be setup to succeed in their place at home, in the community, and with their individual relationships. This will have a ripple and significant change in all the lives connected to the empowered man. 

What we are Not

MEN are not the opposite of WOMEN

We are not a woman bashing or machismo organization

We embrace woman insight and contributions because we cohabit this world and need to do so in harmony

Will women be apart of any activities

There are some events that women are not only welcomed but encouraged to join. We believe it is necessary to get a woman’s perspective on certain topics.

We have been invited to sit on panels for all-women audiences to share our thoughts and insights.

EmpowerMEN Decree (Pledge of Strength):

Words are powerful and every man should declare positivity over his life. Say this, then believe it, and watch your perspective change!

I am not alone

I have support

I am Empowered

Everyday I choose to be better

I have one goal in mind: To succeed as a man

Founded by

A man with a long-term vision to constantly empower others.

I understand the need for men to be supported and have the proper tools to live out their purpose. Realizing that just because I hit puberty, got married, own property, have kids (or any other “indicator” of manhood), doesn’t mean I have it all figured out. I am a product of my own vision, implementing and experimenting on myself first.

Excited to continue this journey with you,