The BEST part was the exclusive men’s only Zoom room after last week’s live session!

We talked about leading and managing relationships, then really got to chop it up in a safe space amongst brothers (even though some guys just met). 

Here’s some of what was shared live and key takeaways from the guys:

From Your Peers:

  • Vulnerability is not weakness
  • Better communication with guys that are married
  • Talk to people that are already where you want to go
  • I’m not alone in this walk as a black man
  • If I’m open to having hard conversations, I’ll learn a lot about the people in my life and even more about myself
  • When going through your process of healing from hurt, you have to protect yourself… that may mean separating from those that are harming you

Peer Recommended Book:

  • The Ultimate You – Heal Reclaim and Become – By Sharon Pearson

Big Takeaways:

If you had any questions or wanted to recap the session, we have provided the valuable resources & answers in the pdf below to help you through this time.

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Your Role In Leading and Managing Relationships

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