Action vs Acting

Doctor_patient_meme_take_decisive_action_EmpowerMENHave you ever been on a rocking horse or chair? I love watching my son, sitting in one place and acting as if he’s going somewhere. He’s moving (a lot) but not actually progressing anywhere. It’s cute now but would be a problem if he were trying to escape zombies. All jokes aside, RHS can really kill your dreams! Action


While they both require you to act, Action gets results while Acting may only get you laughed at. The latter is often a byproduct of procrastination and deceives you into thinking that real progress is being made.


Men are judged by the action we take. When a man fails to act, he has failed.

Even the wrong action may be better than no action, or indecisiveness. The reason is simple; a wrong action can yield a valuable lesson.


The ability to take action and execute is crucial to your purpose and role as a man. Everybody including bosses, business partners, investors, and women love action because there is an associated result, and people love results.

“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan… believe… act!” -Alfred A. Montapert

…and by “act” he means take Action!


Barriers to taking decisive action:

Fear that you’ll make the wrong decision
Uncertainty about where to start or how to finish
Doubt in yourself

what action should I takeHow can I overcome F.U.D.?
How do I act on my tasks immediately?
How do I ensure I’m taking decisive action?


I can go on and on about how FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, and that it only exists in your mind, but I digress. Focus on what was mentioned earlier about the wrong action being better no action. Failure is feedback.


Uncertainty can be defeated by the confidence you gain from prior successes. Think back. Do you have any similar experiences with the current scenario? Applying a familiar game plan to a new situation increases your chances of following through with your decision.


‘Todo list paralysis’ or overload is another barrier. You have so many tasks that you don’t know where or how to start, so you don’t.


You may doubt yourself, but don’t doubt the systems you build. While your mind and feelings are dynamic in nature, systems are not. Systems create repeatable success vectors. Read more about systems in our previous post.


EPM Success Nuggets:

  • 2 Minute Drill – Action you start now for an immediate effect
    • Write your biggest or most difficult task to accomplish this week
    • Next, write everything that needs to happen to make it a reality
      • Don’t stop until you get to 5 items
    • Pick any 3 things you will accomplish TODAY
    • Finally, pick 1 of them and Take Action Now! (…no really, stop reading and start it now)


  • Long Term
    • Analyze a recent event where you were indecisive. Why?
    • Find out what is stopping you from taking action
    • Remember, acting is anything that doesn’t produce a lesson learned or an actionable milestone.

How many items did you need to complete your task?
How long did it take you to start?


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