Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Playbook

It’s not too late to make her feel special.

I know how it is, you get busy, or think it’s not that serious. Then today creeps up on you… now you’re scrambling.

We’re going to help you. Inside this playbook are some survival techniques, ideas, and gifts (that wont break the bank) for D-Day… uh… I mean V-Day.

Note: This is no magic pill. If you’ve been with your lady for any length of time, you should know her and what she really likes. Pay Attention when she tells you things – write them in your phone for later. This “trick” will actually make your life much easier.


Abandon The Last Minute Extravagant Plan

If you haven’t started planning already, which is probably why you’re reading this, chances are you wont have time to get all the pieces together properly. It will look messy and she wont be happy.

Instead, do a lot of little gestures that may express a greater sentiment.

Shopping List: you can get all these at a CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc.
✓ White and red roses (1 – 2 bouquets)
✓ Moscato, Verdi, or any lite wine – Martinelli if she doesn’t drink
✓ Chocolates or candy
✓ Romantic/Funny Card
✓ Notepad or sticky pad
✓ Tea light candles

Last minute gift ideas:
✓ Jewelry
✓ Hand crafted item (look at her ETSY or Pintrest account)
✓ Tickets to a show/artist she likes – give her the printout at dinner

Bare Minimums:
✓ Have a card and flowers
✓ A really good excuse if you completely fail lol
✓ Hand crafted gifts or jewelry is usually the icing on the cake!

The Play Book:

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Playbook
Ignite all 5 of her senses – valentines day
  • Bring her breakfast – mix the wine with orange juice for a nice mimosa.
  • Write multiple notes on a sticky pad and put them where she’ll find it throughout the day (back of her phone, bathroom mirror, under the sun visor in her car, on her metro card… etc).

Having writers block? Use some of these 50 romantic quotes

  • Send her to get her nails/feet done – women love to be pampered and it buys you more time. Also doubles as a gift.
  • Get white and red roses. Let her know that she’s your friend and you love her. For brownie points, get a fake rose and tell her you’ll love her until the last one dies.
  • If you have dinner reservations (congrats) call ahead and ask if they can do something special for her when you are seated. Don’t forget to tip.

Bring a rose or two to sprinkle petals on the table when she goes to the bathroom

  • If you don’t have reservations, cook a simple meal or order from her favorite restaurant (but take it out the container and put the food in a nice dish). Set up the table with some tea lights/candles, roses, and rose petals.



Take it a step further and use those candles, flowers, and rose petals to lead the way to the after-party.


What’s the secret to winning tonight?

Set the meal
Set the atmosphere
Engage her 5 senses


Let us know how your plans turned out. 

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Playbook

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