If you don’t define them, someone else will!

Virgil Gray tells his story of how poor image and reputation lead him to depression.

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Here’s the truth: you will leave a legacy. But the type of legacy depends on what you choose and act on daily.
Last week, we had a powerful conversation on image, reputation and legacy— what it means to define each (and not letting them be defined for you).

One of your primary functions as a man is to have impact and influence. You can’t effectively do this if you’re viewed negatively.

“Let your legacy BE your image & let your reputation BE its foundation.”

Image is important. What people perceive about you affects the decisions they make relating to you and what opportunities they extend to you (personally and in business).

If you don’t define it (proactively), someone else will—and that impacts your reputation and legacy.

If you do, you can create more opportunities for yourself and those that will follow you. 


  • You directly control image.
  • Image can confirm or refute your reputation.
  • You’ve inherited a legacy and are responsible for creating one.
  • Legacy begins with having purpose and vision. 
  • You can have more impact and influence when you’re authentically YOU!


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How to Define your Image, Reputation, & Legacy

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