Time to start Investing

But investing is too risky… too late to start… too hard to understand…

Last year I watched a ‘Rule One Investing’ webinar. Shortly after that I got on a plane to attend their free in-person seminar. Both absolutely changed the way I viewed, understood, and approached investing (and the stock market).

I’m sharing this because I want to see you win! This will hopefully open you up to view investing and the stock market differently.

Yes, It’s free.
No, you don’t need prior investment/stock knowledge.
No, I’m not paid or in any way affiliated with this program. I found value in it, maybe you will too.

Comment below on your thoughts, fears, or successes with investing

Here’s the link to an upcoming webinar:

Here’s a link to what Rule1 investing is about:


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Have You Started Investing Yet?
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