Journey to Wellness and Better Living

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Every elite athlete (except Dennis Rodman if you’ve been watching The Last Dance) takes care of their body.

That means minimizing stress, prioritizing rest and using nutrition for fuel.
So last week, Mike Collins joined us live to give us some keys to start our own personal wellness journey and make the right decisions that will change our lives for the better.

If you’re asking yourself whether you should download the micro-eBook, listen to this guy:

Change comes from controlling what you choose to consume.

That applies to all of life but especially our bodies. 

1. Be mindful of what you consume.

2. Recognize that you are not ‘stuck in your ways’. Power comes from making choices so take your power back!

3. Understand that change is hard and will come at a cost. That’s why you have to commit to change and show up consistently (for yourself first, and for those who depend on you). 


  • What am I consuming every day? (Write down what you usually do from the moment you wake up)
  • What do I want my body (and my life) to look and feel like?
  • What choices can I make to get me there?
  • How will I have to change to make those choices a reality? 

Then commit to doing one thing that will get you closer to your goal for the next 7 days. 


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